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Posted on: June 23, 2009 1:51 am

5 NBA players who may be among the best next year

PG- Rajon Rondo - if he can develop a good shooting touch, Rondo has all the other essential point guard tools to be one of the best in the NBA. lots of haters, but he is a very good all around player, you cannot deny that. His speed and defense are crazy good.

SG- Brandon Roy - if he can polish up his defense a little bit, not much is holding him back from being discussed as the best Shooting guard in the game, along with D-Wade and Kobe.

SF- Andre Iguodala - he has all the tools, if he can get some help from his supporting cast I think he'll have a great year. very athletic player who can do lots on both ends of the floor.

PF- LaMarcus Aldridge - another Blazer who, if he can polish up his D, will be among the best forwards in the game. His offensive game is very impressive, and he'll work hard to pick up on defense.

C- Emeka Okafor - next year is the year he solidifies himself as one of the dominant centers, with help from his team.
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Miami Heat: Week 2 Recap

Miami Heat logo

Miami Heat (3-3)

With two weeks gone, the Miami Heat are currently sitting at .500 with a 3-3 record. This week the Miami Heat went 2-1 against some tough opponents...

Philadelphia 76ers logoThe home game was first, against the Philadelphia 76ers. Mo Cheeks brought his new-look crew into Miami, hoping for a win. The Heat, however, had other plans. Early on, the Heat pushed up the tempo, forcing the 76ers to make bad shots. Mario Chalmers set a franchise record with nine steals, and Miami forced 26 total turnovers. Dwyane Wade went for 29 points, leading Miami to a 106-83 rout. Andre Iguodala was held to only 2 points. Result: Win

San Antonio Spurs logoThe second game of the week was a tough one on the road versus the San Antonio Spurs. Tony Parker hurt his ankle in the first quarter, which ended up being a huge blow to the Spurs. Miami had no pity though. The Heat came out on fire once again, and behind Dwyane Wade and Michael Beasley, the Heat ended the first quarter with a 26-12 lead. Miami carried the momentum of the first quarter throughout the rest of the game, and left San Antonio with a 99-83 win. Dwyane Wade was one assist away from a triple-double as well. Suddenly, Miami was white-hot. Result: Win

New Orleans Hornets logoMiami did not have much time to congratulate themselves, as they had a date with the New Orleans Hornets the next day. Dwyane Wade had another big game at New Orleans, but he was the only one. Michael Beasley was not 100%, and it showed as he struggled to score. Shawn Marion also looked lost at times. New Orleans never dominated the game, but the Hornets rode Chris Paul to a 100-89 win. Result: Loss

With six games gone in the NBA season, the Miami Heat have shown that they are definitely still playoff contenders. Dwyane Wade has been amazing, and rookies Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers look promising. With a somewhat easy three games coming up next week, the Miami Heat could possibly be staring at a 6-3 record by next week.

Week 1 MVP: Udonis Haslem
Week 2 MVP: Dwyane Wade

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Champinoship Crew

Champinoship Crew


Jason Kidd, PG 

There is no doubt that Jason Kidd is aging. However, at full health Kidd is one of the best point guards in the league. He is a great passer and a great defender. He is also a physical rebounder who can crash the boards when needed. On Champinoship Crew, Kidd will focus on getting the ball in the hands of the shooters, as well as lock down the point guard of the opposing team.


Andre Iguodala, SG

Andre Iguodala has a great variety of skill, which is why Champinoship Crew picked him up in the third round. He can be a defender and shut down the other's team scorers, he can be the scorer on offense himself, or he can even be a passer. He has the skill to play three positions and really does a great job of focusing and being a team player. On Champinoship Crew, Iguodala will be used for his perimeter defense, ability to lead a team, and to score the ball. 

Danny Granger, SF

Danny Granger is one of the up and coming forwards in the NBA. He is a deadly shooter, and physical on both sides of the ball. He can shoot threes, mid-range jumpers, he can crash boards, he can play defense on power forwards and even some centers because of his versatility. His long wingspan will help when it comes to shot-blocking. On Champinoship Crew, Granger will look to be the main scorer alongside Andre Iguodala, as well as crash the boards and play defense on big forwards.

LaMarcus Aldridge, PF

LaMarcus Aldridge is another young player who is making a name for himself in the NBA. A dominant inside scorer and a strong rebounder, Aldridge is a great young power forward to have on your franchise. On Champinoship Crew, Aldridge will be used to rebound, block shots, and tire out some of the opposing big men with his ability to drive in and score.

Dwight Howard, C

Dwight Howard may be the best center in the NBA today, and there are lots of reasons as to why. He is a monstrous rebounder, as well a fierce shot-blocker. He can also put up twenty points per game and hurt your big men inside. His dominating efforts will be huge for Champinoship Crew. On Champinoship Crew, Howard will be used for his rebounding and defense.

Rajon Rondo, PG

player photo

Anthony Parker, SG

Al Thornton, SF


Udonis Haslem, PF

player photo 

Nick Collison, C

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