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Posted on: March 15, 2010 6:10 pm

March Madness Predictions- Midwest Region


Spectacular 64

Kansas over Lehigh
Northern Iowa over UNLV
Michigan State over New Mexico State
Maryland over Houston
Tennessee over San Diego State
Georgetown over Ohio
Georgia Tech over Oklahoma State
Ohio State over UC Santa Barbara

Analysis :

Pretty straightforward here. Northern Iowa's big men down low should be able to do the dirty work vs. UNLV, which I think will be just enough to get them the W. In the other upset pick, I like Georgia Tech over Oklahoma State. GT will be locked into stopping James Anderson, and I'm not sold that the Cowboys have the depth to overcome a bad game from him.

Tremendous 32

Kansas over Northern Iowa
Michigan State over Maryland
Georgetown over Tennessee
Ohio State over Georgia Tech

Analysis :

Kansas should have no problem with Northern Iowa, as they have a big man duo that can compete with the Panthers. I like Michigan State to edge out Maryland in a close one, just because I think Kalin Lucas and Raymar Morgan still have the edge from last season's championship game loss to North Carolina, and they will play their hearts out. Georgetown has too many weapons across the court and I don't see how Tennessee will stay with them. Georgia Tech can give them a run for their money, but Ohio State should squeak a win out here. Evan Turner should have a nice game vs. the Yellow Jackets, enough to give the Buckeyes the win.

Sweet 16

Kansas over Michigan State
Georgetown over Ohio State

Analysis :

Kalin Lucas and Sherron Collins should have a fun matchup here, but Kansas is just, simply put, better than Michigan State this season. Both Cole Aldrich and Marcus Morris will have to play solid a game here. If they do what they normally do and stay out of foul trouble, Michigan State won't put up enough points to beat the Jayhawks. On the other side, Evan Turner and the Buckeyes' ride comes to an end as they face a team with too many weapons. Greg Monroe has a good game down low and Chris Wright puts up around twenty in the Hoyas' win.

Elite 8

Kansas over Georgetown

Analysis :

Greg Monroe and Cole Aldrich will have a fun battle all day long, as will Sherron Collins and Chris Wright. At the end of the day, however, Kansas has a little too much depth for Georgetown to overcome. Look for more underrated players like Tyrel Reed and Markieff Morris to step up as the bench / non-stars really makes the difference in this game. I like Kansas to win this one, but it will be a close one no doubt.

Final Four Rep :

#1 Kansas Jayhawks
Posted on: March 6, 2010 6:18 pm

Why a Kansas-Kentucky clash would be legendary...

This April, the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game will be held in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. We, the college basketball fans of the world, can only hope and pray that the Kansas Jayhawks and Kentucky Wildcats make it to that esteemed game. Because if they don't, fans of the game will always wonder what would happen if these two powerhouses clashed...

Many things contribute to a Kansas-Kentucky championship game potentially being the best ever. It's a bold statement, but I truly think a game between these two would be, simply put, sick basketball. One of those factors is the fact that, no matter their rankings/seeds, in my opinion the Kansas Jayhawks and Kentucky Wildcats are, by far, the two best teams in the country. They are the only first-tier teams, and there is a significant drop-off before you get to the second-tier teams of Duke, Syracuse, etc.

Another thing is their respective legacies. Kentucky and Kansas are always expected to do big things come March, and fulfilling those expectations would definitely be satisfactory for their die-hard fans.

Two of the best coaches in the nation would also clash. I honestly believe Bill Self can work with any group of guys and make them as great as they have the potential to be. A true basketball mastermind. John Calipari singlehandedly turned Kentucky from an average squad last year to a championship-caliber team this season. For that, Calipari deserves as much respect as any of the star players of the Wildcats.

Talking about players, a Kansas-Kentucky matchup would showcase two amazing head to head battles. For starters, there is the big man matchup. While Marcus Morris has become a rock for the Jayhawks this season, especially in conference play, Cole Aldrich is the overall better big who would square off vs. DeMarcus Cousins of Kentucky. Aldrich and Cousins are both, arguably, 1st Team All-Americans. Defensively, Aldrich is a true shot-altering artist. He will bang with any big down low. Cousins is a scoring threat around the rim. He would push Aldrich to his limits, while keeping him contested on the other end. It would, for sure, be a great big man matchup.

The other star matchup would be, again, a matchup of arguably two more 1st Team All-Americans. Senior Kansas guard Sherron Collins has cemented his legacy already for the Jayhawks, and will go down as one of the best players to ever don the Kansas jersey. However, as the leader of the team, he knows that their job is far from over. From his in-your-face, aggressive style of defense, to his ability to penetrate by his defender and attack the basket, to his undeniable urge to put the team on his shoulders and take responsibility for any loss, Collins is a true player of heart who will do whatever it takes to win. On the other end, for Kentucky, in one season John Wall has made a name for himself as possibly the best player in the nation. A true floor general who can drop points and rack up dimes, Wall has an array of skills that have people so convinced that many have him penciled in for next year's #1 draft pick. The solid senior guard vs. the fantastic freshman, two of the best players in the country, would be quite epic.

Honestly, a Kansas-Kentucky matchup would be beautifully amazing. Two #1 seeded teams with a total of four guys who should end up as All-Americans, two of the most qualified coaches in the nation, two basketball programs who want a championship badly. Two of the best guards in the nation going head to head, two of the best big men in the nation going head to head. The two best teams in the coutnry, top to bottom, going head to head...

Cross your fingers.

Posted on: March 16, 2009 2:23 pm
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#3 Kansas vs. #14 North Dakota State Preview

Kansas Jayhawks logo North Dakota St. Bison logo

The Kansas Jayhawks will face the North Dakota State Bison this Friday, March 20th. On the line is a trip to the round of the 32 in the men's NCAA tournament.

The Jayhawks are a number three seed, making the Bison the number fourteen seed. The Jayhawks finished with an overall record of 25-7, with a 14-2 record in the Big 12. Meanwhile, the Bison finished with an overall record of 26-6, with a 16-2 record in the Summit League.

The Bison are led by guard Ben Woodside, who is averaging over 22 points and 6 assists per game. Truly amazing numbers. KU must keep an eye out for Woodside on Friday, who can light it up at any time. Also, forward Brett Winkelman is averaging over 18 points and 7 boards per game. Paired with Woodside, they are a dynamic scoring duo.

The Jayhawks are led by guard Sherron Collins and big man Cole Aldrich, who is averaging a double-double this season. Head coach Bill Self has done a great job in mentoring younger players on the team. Marcus Morris is thriving as a role player for KU, while Brady Morningstar has developed a great outside shooting game. Combining these role players with the seasoned "vets" in Collins and Aldrich gives you a pretty nice team.

For the Jayhawks to win, Collins and Aldrich have to dictate games the way they have done all season. Also, they must shut down the tandem of Woodside and Winkelman. Morris and Morningstar must help control the tempo and feel of the game.

I think North Dakota State will start the game off strong, but slowly start to fall behind. Kansas has a bit more depth, talent, and experience, and that will lead the Jayhawks to the win.

Prediction: Kanas 79, North Dakota State 68

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Harst's NBA Preseason Rookie Rankings

Throughout the course of the NBA season, I've decided to do Rookie Rankings, where I rank the top ten rookies in the NBA. I really have no comments on the rankings, seeing as they have not played yet. However, I will add comments as the season progresses.

So here is the preseason edition:

  1.  NBA Draft Derrick Rose, PG, Chicago Bulls

I will be surprised if Rose does not maintain a top three spot throughout the season. He is a great scorer, solid defender, tenacious competitior, and so much more. The Bulls made the right choice with this pick.

  1.  NBA Draft O.J. Mayo, SG, Memphis Grizzlies

Mayo is solid on both sides of the ball. Not much else to say. The Timberwovles were stupid to trade him. The Grizzlies were lucky to get him. I think the Grizzlies made a very, very good trade, and I highly doubt they will regret it.

  1. NBA Draft Michael Beasley, SF, Miami Heat

With a little improvement on defense, I think Beasley can be one of the elite forwards in the NBA in a couple of years. His ability to score and rebound as well as he does is phenomenal.

  1. NBA Draft Brook Lopez, C, New Jersey Nets

Another guy who needs to work on defense, but if he does, he should be a threat to watch out for. You have to love his offensive game. If the Nets had kept Richard Jefferson, they would've been serious contenders.

  1. player photo Greg Oden, C, Portland Trailblazers

Seeing as he missed all of last season, Oden is still considered a rookie. All teams should beware of a fit, healthy Oden. I think he has a big chance to catch some other teams off guard with his dominant play.  He won't disappoint.

  1. NBA Draft Jerryd Bayless, PG, Portland Trailblazers

Whether he plays the point or the two-guard, he'll find ways to score. Playing alongisde youngsters such as Greg Oden and Brandon Roy can't hurt... I think Portland made a good trade by getting Bayless, although Rush is no fake.

  1. NBA Draft Russell Westbrook, SG, Seattle SuperSonics

A solid defender, good scorer, he is a well-balanced player. Although the Sonics could have traded down to get him, I don't think the pick was bad at all. Only time will tell...

  1. NBA Draft Eric Gordon, SG, Los Angeles Clippers

Another high scoring guard. He was a huge threat for Indiana in college, and I see him having a successful career in the NBA as well. However, I think he would play better at a different team than the Clippers.

  1. NBA Draft Brandon Rush, SG, Indiana Pacers

After watching him at Kansas, I can tell you that Rush is going to be a great role player in the NBA. He won't put up many points, but his presence will benefit the Pacers tremendously. He is very balanced, and can play the two or three.

  1. NBA Draft Anthony Randolph, SF, Golden State Warriors

I didn't watch much of Randolph in college, but when I did watch him, I was impressed. On a team already loaded with talent, I can only imagine that Randolph's game will continue to improve.

(I realize that there is a number one next to every player, and I'm not sure why that is... I'll try to fix it.)


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Miami Heat: Grades, Thoughts after the Draft

After looking at the two players Miami got through yesterday's draft, I am actually quite thrilled.

Michael Beasley, PF, KSU:

I've decided to give Beasley a chance, although he was not the guy I wanted to see on the Heat originally. However, I think a young rebounder/scorer can really help us. With improvement on his defense, I think he can make some noise, especially being mentored by Shawn Marion, a similar player that can help Beasley tremendously with his defense. I love Beasley's rebounding skills, I cannot deny that. I also love his ability to score. If he improves his work ethic and defense, I think he can prove some doubters such as myself, wrong.

Grade: A

Mario Chalmers, PG, KU:

This trade was a very good one. We needed a defensive point guard, and we got one. I think there is a very good chance that Chalmers begins the season as a starter. There are lots of things Chalmers needs to work on, but some things I like about him are his clutch play, his lockdown defense, his ability to steal the ball, and just pressure the opponents. He is small no doubt, but that won't make me regret this trade to land Chalmers. Also, it doesn't hurt that Chalmers was my favorite Kansas Jayhawk!!!

Grade: A+

After the Philadelphia Eagles blew their draft, this draft was definitely a breath of fresh air. Next year's team will be very dangerous if both Beasley and Chalmers play up to their potential. There is a very high chance now that Haslem goes, but to where, I do not know... unless we choose to keep him and play him at center, which could possibly work, although Haslem is a true PF.

Miami Heat Depth Chart

Point Guards

Mario Chalmers
Chris Quinn
Marcus Banks

Harst's Thoughts: Solid group of young guys that all have tremendous upside. Quinn was impressive late last season, Banks has a lot of potential, and of course Chalmers is great defensively, and very clutch as well. Underrated group here that will make some noise.
Grade: A

Shooting Guards

Dwyane Wade
Daequan Cook

Harst's Thoughts: Dwyane Wade is of course the leader of the team, but injury-prone. Cook has shown he is a capable backup. I think Cook can be a great role player in this league.
Grade: B+

Small Forwards

Shawn Marion
Ricky Davis
Dorell Wright

Harst's Thoughts: Shawn Marion is the only player in this group that can do anything, but if needed, Davis is not half bad, although he needs to do more than just score. I'm not Wright's biggest fan, let's leave it at that. 
Grade: B

Power Forwards

Udonis Haslem
Michael Beasley
Mark Blount

Harst's Thoughts: I love this group, although it will probably look different soon. Haslem is very good on both sides of the ball, Beasley is a monster on the boards and on offense, and Blount is not as bad as people make him seem. He can actually shoot the ball when called upon.
Grade: A+


Earl Barron
Alonzo Mourning

Harst's Thoughts: Zo is not the Zo of his prime, and Earl Barron isn't good for much more than 5 points and 5 boards...
Grade: F


I truly think the Heat could make some noise with the pieces we have set in place right now. Other than center, I think we have strong depth at every position. An upgrade at center could really mean possible playoff contenders for the Heat next season.

Let's go HEAT!
Posted on: June 26, 2008 9:46 pm
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Darrell Arthur Doubters are Idiots

Alot of teams who are passing on this kid are going to regret it, mark my words. He is a STUD. I've watched him progress in Kansas, and he will not disappoint. He can shoot, rebound, defend, very balanced, very GOOD.

If I was Arthur, I would be tremendously disappointed that I fell this far...

Someone take this guy, unless you're going to let him fall to the Heat, in which case I will delete this blog entry.

Just wanted to get this off my chest:


Thank you.

Posted on: April 10, 2008 6:10 pm

Sasha Kaun the Great

Sasha Kaun, the greatest Kansas Jayhawk center ever (sorry, Wilt), makes one of the greatest shots in the history of basketball:


You have to see it to believe it...

Posted on: April 7, 2008 5:57 pm

Kansas/Memphis Predictions

Just for the record...

  • Kansas wins
  • Douglas-Roberts scores 20+
  • Rush scores 15+
  • Rose scores less than 20
  • Dorsey gets 3+ blocks
  • The winner wins by at least 7
  • Kaun scores 10+

Kansas 81, Memphis 72 is my projected score...

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