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Posted on: April 16, 2009 8:07 pm

#4 Atlanta Hawks vs. #5 Miami Heat Preview


Season Series: Atlanta won the series 3-1

This will probably be the only first round matchup in the East that won't be dominated by the favorite. These two teams are very different, yet very similar.

The Hawks are led by a balanced attack, with stars including sharpshooting guard Joe Johnson and defensive star Josh Smith. Young big man Al Horford and veteran point guard Mike Bibby are also in the starting lineup.

The Heat are led by MVP candidate Dwyane Wade, who finished with the scoring title in a win over the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday. Wade's supporting cast includes rookies Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers. Big men Jermaine O'Neal and Udonis Haslem are also key parts to Miami's rebounding season.

For Atlanta to win: Wade must be limited. Whether it's Johnson, Bibby, Smith, or a bench player, someone on the Hawks must step up and stop D-Wade.

For Miami to win: The supporting cast must play well when Wade is not on the court. Guys like the above stated Beasley, Chalmers, Haslem, and O'Neal must help Wade. Other role players include three point champion Daequan Cook and big Jamaal Magloire.

My pick: It's biased... Miami Heat advance in 6 by winning games 2, 3, 5, and 6.

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The Miami Heat could use a big man.

No joke, huh? I have great respect for Udonis Haslem's game, but he needs help back there. Shawn Marion is definitely tradeable at this point; I'm really not sure why he's still in Miami to be honest.

Dwyane Wade desperately needs a wingman. LeBron James found his in Mo Williams, yet Wade has no one that has stepped up as the Number 2 guy. I thought it would be Michael Beasley, but it doesn't look like it.

At this point, even a big man like Jermaine O'Neal would be welcome. Someone, anyone, who will improve the Heat's frontcourt, without giving up too many draft picks.

That is all.

Posted on: November 9, 2008 2:37 pm

Miami Heat: Week 2 Recap

Miami Heat logo

Miami Heat (3-3)

With two weeks gone, the Miami Heat are currently sitting at .500 with a 3-3 record. This week the Miami Heat went 2-1 against some tough opponents...

Philadelphia 76ers logoThe home game was first, against the Philadelphia 76ers. Mo Cheeks brought his new-look crew into Miami, hoping for a win. The Heat, however, had other plans. Early on, the Heat pushed up the tempo, forcing the 76ers to make bad shots. Mario Chalmers set a franchise record with nine steals, and Miami forced 26 total turnovers. Dwyane Wade went for 29 points, leading Miami to a 106-83 rout. Andre Iguodala was held to only 2 points. Result: Win

San Antonio Spurs logoThe second game of the week was a tough one on the road versus the San Antonio Spurs. Tony Parker hurt his ankle in the first quarter, which ended up being a huge blow to the Spurs. Miami had no pity though. The Heat came out on fire once again, and behind Dwyane Wade and Michael Beasley, the Heat ended the first quarter with a 26-12 lead. Miami carried the momentum of the first quarter throughout the rest of the game, and left San Antonio with a 99-83 win. Dwyane Wade was one assist away from a triple-double as well. Suddenly, Miami was white-hot. Result: Win

New Orleans Hornets logoMiami did not have much time to congratulate themselves, as they had a date with the New Orleans Hornets the next day. Dwyane Wade had another big game at New Orleans, but he was the only one. Michael Beasley was not 100%, and it showed as he struggled to score. Shawn Marion also looked lost at times. New Orleans never dominated the game, but the Hornets rode Chris Paul to a 100-89 win. Result: Loss

With six games gone in the NBA season, the Miami Heat have shown that they are definitely still playoff contenders. Dwyane Wade has been amazing, and rookies Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers look promising. With a somewhat easy three games coming up next week, the Miami Heat could possibly be staring at a 6-3 record by next week.

Week 1 MVP: Udonis Haslem
Week 2 MVP: Dwyane Wade

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Miami Heat: Week 1 Recap

Miami Heat logoAfter one week of NBA play, the Miami Heat are sitting at a 1-2 record. Things are shaky so far this season. With a new, small lineup to say the least, the Miami Heat won't have it easy. The 6'9" Udonis Haslem is playing center, while rookie Michael Beasley is playing power forward. Shawn Marion and Dwyane Wade easily became the starting small forward and shooting guard for Miami. And in the preseason, head coach Erik Spoelstra made the decision to start rookie point guard Mario Chalmers. This lineup is young, but has a lot of room for growth.

New York Knicks logoThe season opener for Miami was in New York against the Knicks. The Heat played great in the fourth quarter, but could not catch up to the Knicks on the road. Udonis Haslem went for 23 and 10, while Mario Chalmers had an impressive rookie debut with 17 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds. Miami could not stop Jamal Crawford however, watching him go for 29 points. Just like that Miami was 0-1.

Sacramento Kings logoThe second game of the season was the home opener versus the Sacramento Kings. Kevin Martin was the focus of Spoelstra and company, and the plan worked. Martin went 2-8 from the field, only 9 total points all night. The Heat won in a rout, 103-77. This was a statement game for Miami, in which Shawn Marion had a good game, going for a double-double. 1-1.

Charlotte Bobcats logoThe following night, Miami faced the Charlotte Bobcats at Charlotte. Gerald Wallace was unstoppable, and the Bobcats rode him all the way to the victory. Wallace's 39 points and 9 boards was too much for Miami to handle. Michael Beasley did have an impressive game, going for 25 points. 1-2.

That was Week 1 of the Miami Heat's season. 1-0 at home... 0-2 on the road. If Miami can play on the road the way they did at home against the Kings, it's too early to call any predictions.

Week 1 MVP- Udonis Haslem

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2009 Miami Heat just got better with James Jones

The signing of James Jones was a great one for the Miami Heat. Gives us great depth, and an instant three point threat off the bench.

On a team with no real three point shooter, James Jones should be a great addition to the team. I'm already excited about what we can do with him off the bench.

Current Miami Heat Roster:

Point Guards

Mario Chalmers
Chris Quinn
Marcus Banks

Shooting Guards

Dwyane Wade
Daequan Cook

Small Forwards

Shawn Marion
James Jones
Dorell Wright

Power Forwards

Michael Beasley
Mark Blount


Udonis Haslem
Earl Barron
Alonzo Mourning

If we decide to play Haslem at C, here's our probable starting lineup:

PG- Mario Chalmers
SG- Dwyane Wade
SF- Shawn Marion
PF- Michael Beasley
C- Udonis Haslem

I like this lineup because we don't have any major holes here. Sure, Haslem is a true PF, but I would rather have him than Barron or Zo. There are some young players but I think we will be fine as the season goes along and these players mature. Also, head coach Erik Spoelstra is young, so it will be interesting to see him develop that bond with his team. And as of now, we have a solid bench with guys like Jones, Cook, Quinn, Banks and Wright.

After watching Beasley's summer game against the Bulls and Derrick Rose, you have to be excited about this kid as well.

Once again, watch out for the Miami Heat next season. It should be a fun one.
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Harst's NBA Preseason Rookie Rankings

Throughout the course of the NBA season, I've decided to do Rookie Rankings, where I rank the top ten rookies in the NBA. I really have no comments on the rankings, seeing as they have not played yet. However, I will add comments as the season progresses.

So here is the preseason edition:

  1.  NBA Draft Derrick Rose, PG, Chicago Bulls

I will be surprised if Rose does not maintain a top three spot throughout the season. He is a great scorer, solid defender, tenacious competitior, and so much more. The Bulls made the right choice with this pick.

  1.  NBA Draft O.J. Mayo, SG, Memphis Grizzlies

Mayo is solid on both sides of the ball. Not much else to say. The Timberwovles were stupid to trade him. The Grizzlies were lucky to get him. I think the Grizzlies made a very, very good trade, and I highly doubt they will regret it.

  1. NBA Draft Michael Beasley, SF, Miami Heat

With a little improvement on defense, I think Beasley can be one of the elite forwards in the NBA in a couple of years. His ability to score and rebound as well as he does is phenomenal.

  1. NBA Draft Brook Lopez, C, New Jersey Nets

Another guy who needs to work on defense, but if he does, he should be a threat to watch out for. You have to love his offensive game. If the Nets had kept Richard Jefferson, they would've been serious contenders.

  1. player photo Greg Oden, C, Portland Trailblazers

Seeing as he missed all of last season, Oden is still considered a rookie. All teams should beware of a fit, healthy Oden. I think he has a big chance to catch some other teams off guard with his dominant play.  He won't disappoint.

  1. NBA Draft Jerryd Bayless, PG, Portland Trailblazers

Whether he plays the point or the two-guard, he'll find ways to score. Playing alongisde youngsters such as Greg Oden and Brandon Roy can't hurt... I think Portland made a good trade by getting Bayless, although Rush is no fake.

  1. NBA Draft Russell Westbrook, SG, Seattle SuperSonics

A solid defender, good scorer, he is a well-balanced player. Although the Sonics could have traded down to get him, I don't think the pick was bad at all. Only time will tell...

  1. NBA Draft Eric Gordon, SG, Los Angeles Clippers

Another high scoring guard. He was a huge threat for Indiana in college, and I see him having a successful career in the NBA as well. However, I think he would play better at a different team than the Clippers.

  1. NBA Draft Brandon Rush, SG, Indiana Pacers

After watching him at Kansas, I can tell you that Rush is going to be a great role player in the NBA. He won't put up many points, but his presence will benefit the Pacers tremendously. He is very balanced, and can play the two or three.

  1. NBA Draft Anthony Randolph, SF, Golden State Warriors

I didn't watch much of Randolph in college, but when I did watch him, I was impressed. On a team already loaded with talent, I can only imagine that Randolph's game will continue to improve.

(I realize that there is a number one next to every player, and I'm not sure why that is... I'll try to fix it.)


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Miami Heat: Grades, Thoughts after the Draft

After looking at the two players Miami got through yesterday's draft, I am actually quite thrilled.

Michael Beasley, PF, KSU:

I've decided to give Beasley a chance, although he was not the guy I wanted to see on the Heat originally. However, I think a young rebounder/scorer can really help us. With improvement on his defense, I think he can make some noise, especially being mentored by Shawn Marion, a similar player that can help Beasley tremendously with his defense. I love Beasley's rebounding skills, I cannot deny that. I also love his ability to score. If he improves his work ethic and defense, I think he can prove some doubters such as myself, wrong.

Grade: A

Mario Chalmers, PG, KU:

This trade was a very good one. We needed a defensive point guard, and we got one. I think there is a very good chance that Chalmers begins the season as a starter. There are lots of things Chalmers needs to work on, but some things I like about him are his clutch play, his lockdown defense, his ability to steal the ball, and just pressure the opponents. He is small no doubt, but that won't make me regret this trade to land Chalmers. Also, it doesn't hurt that Chalmers was my favorite Kansas Jayhawk!!!

Grade: A+

After the Philadelphia Eagles blew their draft, this draft was definitely a breath of fresh air. Next year's team will be very dangerous if both Beasley and Chalmers play up to their potential. There is a very high chance now that Haslem goes, but to where, I do not know... unless we choose to keep him and play him at center, which could possibly work, although Haslem is a true PF.

Miami Heat Depth Chart

Point Guards

Mario Chalmers
Chris Quinn
Marcus Banks

Harst's Thoughts: Solid group of young guys that all have tremendous upside. Quinn was impressive late last season, Banks has a lot of potential, and of course Chalmers is great defensively, and very clutch as well. Underrated group here that will make some noise.
Grade: A

Shooting Guards

Dwyane Wade
Daequan Cook

Harst's Thoughts: Dwyane Wade is of course the leader of the team, but injury-prone. Cook has shown he is a capable backup. I think Cook can be a great role player in this league.
Grade: B+

Small Forwards

Shawn Marion
Ricky Davis
Dorell Wright

Harst's Thoughts: Shawn Marion is the only player in this group that can do anything, but if needed, Davis is not half bad, although he needs to do more than just score. I'm not Wright's biggest fan, let's leave it at that. 
Grade: B

Power Forwards

Udonis Haslem
Michael Beasley
Mark Blount

Harst's Thoughts: I love this group, although it will probably look different soon. Haslem is very good on both sides of the ball, Beasley is a monster on the boards and on offense, and Blount is not as bad as people make him seem. He can actually shoot the ball when called upon.
Grade: A+


Earl Barron
Alonzo Mourning

Harst's Thoughts: Zo is not the Zo of his prime, and Earl Barron isn't good for much more than 5 points and 5 boards...
Grade: F


I truly think the Heat could make some noise with the pieces we have set in place right now. Other than center, I think we have strong depth at every position. An upgrade at center could really mean possible playoff contenders for the Heat next season.

Let's go HEAT!
Posted on: June 26, 2008 12:57 pm

Miami Heat Draft Thoughts

If Derrick Rose goes first, I say we go for O.J. Mayo with the 2nd overall pick. Call me crazy or whatever, but I don't want to let go of either Shawn Marion or even Udonis Haslem at this point. Haslem does not recieve any credit at all, but he is actually a stud player when healthy. I don't think breaking up the Dwyane Wade/Marion duo would be good either. If we take Mayo, and put him at the point, that's still not bad.

Of course, I would take Rose over Mayo in a heartbeat, but if Rose goes first, I don't want to take Michael Beasley, and then end up trading Haslem/Marion. At this point, I won't complain with either Mayo or Beasley, but if we take Beasley, I don't see us improving as much as if we had taken Mayo.

PG- O.J. Mayo
SG- Dwyane Wade
SF- Shawn Marion
PF- Udonis Haslem
C- Earl Barron

I wouldn't complain about this lineup. I definitely like the young backcourt of Mayo and D-Wade, and I also really like the frontcourt of Marion/Haslem. Of course, Barron isn't the greatest center in the world, but you won't hear me complaining. If we keep Haslem, Barron can get the job done. If we let go of Haslem, then we will need an upgrade at center to show Beasley the ropes.

Anyway, here are the guys I think the Heat should take in order of preference:

1. Derrick Rose, MEMPHIS
2. O.J. Mayo, USC
3. Michael Beasley, KSU

After the draft, I will break down the team more and make some early predictions as to how this team will fare in the upcoming season.

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