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Posted on: May 19, 2008 6:44 pm
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2008 NBA Draft Prospects... Boom, Bust, or Blah

This is something I like doing every year because it's fun to look back and see how you did after the year is over...

First, the three classifications:

  • Boom- a rookie who comes in the NBA and makes a great, positive effect on his team (success)
  • Bust- a rookie who comes in the NBA and 'sucks it up' (failure)
  • Blah- a rookie who comes in the NBA and does okay, yet nothing special that will be remembered (average)

Now the prospects:

1. Michael Beasley, F, Kansas State

The future looks bright for this freshman. He plays well on both sides of the ball, but offensively, he shines brighter than any other of the prospects entering this draft. His scoring and rebounding are both unreal, and in the NBA I see him developing his skills and becoming... a star.

Classification- BOOM!!!

2. Derrick Rose, G, Memphis

I see this kid as being unstoppable. Another freshman, he knows how to score. He can shoot from anywhere, he's got great speed, he can just about do it all. An era of great point guards is coming, and Rose is next in line. (Let's hope he goes to the Miami Heat...)

Classification- BOOM!!!

3. Mario Chalmers, G, Kansas

The best possible way to end his college career, Chalmers is one of the best defensive guards on the draft board. His size is a concern, however, which could hurt his value and probably will. This guy is very clutch though, I have to give him that. There's a lot of questions with him at the end of the day, but I'll think he'll be...

Classification- Blah...

4. Brandon Rush, G/F, Kansas

This guy is very well balanced. He is not an above average shooter, defender, rebounder, passer, or leader. But the fact that he is average in all of these categories makes him as a player way above average. His stats will never be impressive. James Worthy-like stats are what I'm expecting. Don't let the stat sheet fool you. This guy is good, and has the tools to be great.

Classification- BOOM!!!

5. D.J. Augustin, G, Texas

Offensively, this guy is amazing. He can score like mad when he's on a roll. Defensively, he's okay in my opinion. However, I don't see him being successful in the NBA. To me, he seems like a J.J. Redick sort of guy. Amazing in college, but not so in the NBA. He doesn't seem like he will adapt well to the NBA 'environment'. I may be wrong, but we'll see.

Classification- BUST

More to come... soon.

Posted on: May 12, 2008 5:49 pm
Edited on: June 3, 2008 8:43 pm

Harst's NBA Mock Draft

1. Miami Heat- Derrick Rose, PG, Memphis

The Heat need a PG even though Chris Quinn has shown flashes of being able to lead them. Derrick Rose can do it all, and the Heat will benefit tremendously by taking a productive point guard. A lineup consisting of Rose, Wade, Marion, Haslem and Blount could be dangerous next season.

2. Seattle SuperSonics- Michael Beasley, SF, Kansas State

A fierce double-double machine that will give you 20 and 10 on an off night. His presence on the Sonics alongside Kevin Durant will make the Sonics a surprise darkhorse team to watch out for next season.

3. Memphis Grizzlies- Brook Lopez, F/C, Stanford

With the loss of Pau Gasol, the Grizzlies need a big man to take over the role. Lopez has great offensive potential, and with a slight upgrade to his defense, will be a force to be reckoned with very soon. This is a young team that could be really good in the East.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves- Eric Gordon, SG, Indiana

Gordon will give the Wolves a high scoring threat who they will welcome happily. They skip on Bayless here only because Randy Foye is getting the job done, and Bayless would just be seeing the bench.

5. New York Knicks- Jerryd Bayless, PG, Arizona

Point guard is the main position the Knicks need to be worried about in the draft. With Rose gone by now, Bayless is the obvious best point guard still on the board. Also, a backcourt combination of Bayless and Jamal Crawford could be deadly.

6. Los Angeles Clippers- O.J. Mayo, SG, USC

Mayo has tremendous upside...but also tremendous downside and could fall lower, although this is not a bad spot for him to go. The shooting guards that the Clippers have now aren't getting the job done, and Mayo could be the answer. (Minus the issues he has going on right now.)

7. Milwaukee Bucks- Anthony Randolph, SF, LSU

I don't think this is too early for Randolph to go. The Bucks could use Randolph in the future if not now. I think he will be able to start, but if not, he should have a decent season off the bench. I don't see Bobby Simmons or Desmond Mason doing enough right now for the Bucks.

8. Charlotte Bobcats- Kevin Love, F/C, UCLA

A big man next to Emeka Okafor will give the Bobcats a young, strong frountcourt that will keep the Bobcats in possible playoff contention a couple of years down the road. Many critics say that Love can't adapt to the NBA-style of play, but I think he can do well. Not great, but enough to silence the critics.

9. Chicago Bulls- DeAndre Jordan, C, Texas A&M

The center position should be the Bulls main concern in this draft. Jordan gives them a great big inside presence that they could desperately use. The scary thing is, he's only a freshman.

10. New Jersey Nets- Roy Hibbert, C, Georgetown

Hibbert's offensive abilities aren't superb, maybe, but his defensive presence inside will give the Nets a great big body that can help shut down some of the big men in the East. There is a lot of risk that goes with this pick, but I think it's the right one because I believe Hibbert is a major sleeper pick who can help out a lot of teams with his 7'2 frame.

Rest to come at a later date...

Posted on: April 28, 2008 6:06 pm
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Miami Heat: Looking to next season

This year has been bad... real bad. However, this terrible season may be a mixed blessing for the Miami Heat, and here's why: During the course of the season, we learned what our big weaknesses were, and this following year we will be able to improve on those points and possibly once again become playoff contenders.

One of the few good things that came out of this season was our increased chance of landing the number one overall pick, which could be used in many different ways. Let's say we do land the number one pick, we have a lot of options:

  • Derrick Rose
  • Michael Beasley
  • Kevin Love
  • Jerryd Bayless
  • Eric Gordon
  • O.J. Mayo
  • Brook Lopez

And more...

In my opinion, I say the best pick would be Derrick Rose. He's got nice skills, he can score, he can defend, he's quick, basically, he's a well-balanced guy who will really help us to score and do some things we can't do right now. If we take Rose, we have a lineup of:

PG Derrick Rose/Chris Quinn
SG Dwyane Wade
SF Shawn Marion
PF Udonis Haslem
C Earl Barron/Alonzo Mourning

Which is not that bad. Other than center, we have some nice skills at each position. On paper, this team doesn't look so bad. How they play on the court as a team is a whole different story.

Or, if we upgrade at center and take Kevin Love (which wouldn't be too bad):

PG Chris Quinn
SG Dwyane Wade
SF Shawn Marion
PF Udonis Haslem
C Kevin Love

This lineup is also good. Chris Quinn has shown flashes of talent... whether he can lead this team for 82 games is questionable, though. Kevin Love is talented enough to play in the NBA as well...

With either of these lineups, I think we have a good chance of skipping the rebuilding process and once again become playoff contenders.

So all in all, with combined success in the draft and in free agency, I think we have a chance to once again dominate our opponents and bring another title to Miami... (okay, maybe not)

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