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Posted on: August 22, 2009 12:25 pm
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NFL Player Rankings- Quarterbacks

Top 10 Quarterbacks


1. Tom Brady- knows how to win games... at the end of the day, that's what matters
2. Peyton Manning- as talented as #1, but he doesn't have as many rings, which does it for me
3. Ben Roethlisberger- toughest and most clutch QB in the game, hands down... knows how to win
4. Drew Brees- can rack up yards and make it look easy, great pure passer
5. Donovan McNabb- good leader who can spread the ball around and keep the defense guessing
6. Philip Rivers- very tough QB who can find a man in the end zone at the most important time
7. Carson Palmer- when healthy, possibly a top 5 QB... needs to re-find chemistry with his WRs
8. Aaron Rodgers- will have a great year, powerful arm that can throw downfield
9. Jay Cutler- great arm but expect a down year with Chicago... potentially a top 5 QB
10. Matt Ryan- expect a down year, but that's just a tribute to the great rookie year he had

Top 3 Busts

1. Brett Favre- more interceptions than touchdowns this year, no doubt about it
2. David Garrard- simply won't get it together at any point this season
3. Kyle Orton- does not deserve to be a starting QB in this league, in my opinion

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Super Bowl Prediction and Analysis

New England Patriots logoNew York Giants logo

Super Bowl XLII: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

The Patriots and Giants will face off in Superbowl XLII, which should be a very exciting game. This is truly a remarkable run for the Giants, who looked like a lost cause after the first two games of the season. Their season was off and on until the last part of the season, where everything started coming together. The Giants came into Wild Card Weekend, not sure what to expect from themselves or the Bucs. However, they pulled out a nice win. Next, they went to Dallas. Dallas had swept the regular season series, 2-0. Once again, the Giants pulled out a win, secured by Romo, who threw an interception to end the game. The Giants then had to go to freezing conditions to play the Packers, who were favorites to win. But, for the third time, the Giants pulled off the upset, and suddenly Eli Manning was in the Superbowl. For the Patriots, it was too easy. 16-0 in the regular season, then they beat Jacksonville and San Diego in the playoffs. However, their hardest game in the regular season was against these same NY Giants, who at one point had a two possesion lead, only to later blow it. Still, it helped the Giants get where they are now. The Giants go into this game full with confidence, and the Patriots go into this game with the 'no one can beat us' attitude, that has actually helped them so far. The Giants are underdogs once again, and they like it. They like being the Cinderella story of the NFL, the team everyone counted out. I think this game comes down to one big factor: Can the Giants secondary stop Tom Brady? If they can, Maroney won't be able to pull out a win. I think the Giants should and will take the same approach the Chargers did last week, resulting in three interecptions for number 12. I think the Giants also need to not be afraid to take chances. Going for fourth downs, fake punts, and trick plays can really help them. And of course, the two headed monster of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw will really help them attack the Patriots. With all of the factors studied and understood, I say the Giants complete this season the way no one expected: winning the Superbowl. I think the passion they're playing with right now cannot be stopped by any team, including New England. I think Tom Brady will make mistakes, and I think the Giants will take advantage of that.

Superbowl XLII Prediction:

NY Giants 34, New England 28

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Championship Game Picks

New England 28, San Diego 13

The Patriots shouldn't have too much of a problem with the Chargers. Rivers, Tomlinson, and Gates are all shaken up, something that will hurt the Chargers tremendously. If Peyton Manning can be that accurate against the Chargers, I think Tom Brady should be able to, also.  

Green Bay 21, New York Giants 7

Green Bay knows how to play in cold weather, and Ryan Grant knows how to run in snow. Eli Manning may have a tough time against Harris and Woodson, but who knows which Eli will show up? I say the decent one shows up, but decent won't win you games.

Should be a fun Sunday!

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